Frequently Asked

Before contacting us try to find an answer to your question below


is it free to use?

Our all-in-one money adder software is free to download. But in order to add money every day you will need to purchase activation code. 


How to get activation code?

To get activation code it very easy. You just need to go to the “Buy activation code” page and there you can buy the activation code for 1 time fee. We accept only Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency payment. It is one time fee and activation code works for all time.


Will it work in my country?

Our software works in ALL countries. Our software use VPN witch change the location of the software to any other location so it really doesn’t matter where you are located.


Does it work on all computer systems?

The software works only on Windows Pc’s. You can use the software only from the Windows 7,8,8.1,10.


Why do you need activation code?

We created activation code tool for security reasons. You may ask why? Because of the other hackers and crackers who wants to steal our software and sell it to other people. Or spammers who want to use it for bad things.


How do i get Bitcoins to buy your software?

In order to buy activation code from us you will need any crypto-currency for example Bitcoins. Because we only accept crypto-currency as payment. To get crypto currency you will need to buy it from other websites with credit cart, bank transfer or PayPal. You can use: Coinbase, Cryptomate, Kraken or any other cryptocurrency shop.


Is it really safe?

Yes! We created our software with highly secured codes inside. It change your IP and Location. After adding money it deletes all Logs stored in your computer and database. You won’t get banned for using it.


Do you still have any questions?

If you have any questions then don’t wait and contact us now! We will be very happy to answer all of your questions.

Are you ready to try it out?

You can download our software from the download page without any problems instantly. And if you need activation code you can buy it in activation code page for one time fee.